Voltage Detector - Combined Signalling HV, VHV

This type of testers is used for high voltage detection with a frequency of 50 Hz on electrical equipment. Voltage presence on a contact point is uniquely signalized by optical and sound signal. The sound signal is generated by piezoceramic sounder with shrill fluctuating tone. The optical signaling consist of two flashing bright red LEDs. Proper functioning of the tester including the condition of its power supply cells is controlled by a testing button. While pressed, the tester must deliver both, an optical and sound signal. The tester is equipped by built-in electrical circuit permanently monitoring the condition of power supply cells. If their voltage drops below the limit set, the circuit automatically blocks the optical and sound signaling. Subsequently, the tester does not deliver any signal when the testing button is pressed. In this case it is necessary to replace the power supply cells. The testers are designed for indoor and outdoor operation with regular climatic conditions (regular climatic category with temperatures ranging from -25°C to +55°C). However, the testers can only be used outdoors when the atmospheric conditions comply with the conditions which allow - according to safety regulations - to work on live parts of HV and EHV under voltage. It means that they may not be used in rain, fog, or snow.

Voltage Detector HV                                                       Type

  • 3,6 kV                                                                        102 003
  • 7,2 kV                                                                         102 006
  • 12 kV                                                                          102 010
  • 25 kV                                                                         102 022
  • 27,5 kV                                                                       102 025
  • 38,5 kV                                                                      102 035

Voltage Detector VHV                                                     Type

  • 123 kV                                                                       102 110
  • 245 kV                                                                      102 220
  • 420 kV                                                                      102 400