Low voltage earthing equipments

Short-circuiting sets are designed for short-circuiting and grounding of electrical circuits, usually of three phases in equipment with non-insulated or indirectly grounded node. This device is designed for Cu and Al conductors. The short-circuiting stes consist of three basic parts:

- conductors clamps and grounding clamps

- short-circuiting ropes

- insulating rods.

Conductor and groundi ng cl amps:

These clamps are used to connect the short-circuiting set to the electric line of a circular, flat and tubular cross-section, or to short-circuiting globular points. These clamps are made of copper or aluminium alloys. The clamps made of copper alloy are tin-plated. Short-ci rcui ti ng ropes:

The ropes ended with cable lugs according to DIN 46235 are used to ensure conductive connection of conductor and grounding clamps. A reliable connection between the rope and its cable lugs is ensured by pressing in the lug in according to DIN. Such connection complies with requirements for tensile load testing according to PNE 359705. The rope and lug connection is protected from moisture penetration by special shrinking insulation, which also provides mechanical strength to this connection. In order to ensure easy checking and detection of mechanical damage of Cu core the ropes are insulated with a transparent material.

Insulating rods:

These rods are made of a laminated composition material with excellent electrical insulating parameters complying with the requirements for materials to be used for outdoor devices according to PNE 359700. The material for rods, which are designed in yellow-color tint, features high mechanical resistance and stability. Depending on individual types of sets and their application, the rods are supplied either undivided or divided in two; eventually into more sections. The connection of these divided sections is secured by means of a bolted connection. The rod can be ended with a put-on cup or it is firmly connected with a conductor clamp bolt. Those parts of the rods that are to be gripped when working with conductor under voltage are clearly determined; i. e. by means of rubber handle or by protective rubber collar. These products are manufactured according to PNE 359700, PNE 359705 and ČSN EN 61 230.SHORT-CIRCUITING SETS LV, HV, EHV 1 - 420 kV